Tuebora Machine Learning and Analytics Platform

Searches behavior to find efficiency and security.
  • Discovers and disables unused access accounts using behavioral analysis
  • Provisioning behaviors continuously analyzed -- provisioning rule updates created
  • Mature and refine your IAM processes
  • Create metrics based IAM decision support
  • Supports your heterogeneous IAM product environment

Tuebora Governance

Monitor, regulate and manage user access to applications.
  • Supports governance for all applications
  • Creates access audits, certifications and access requests
  • Access Certification – Scheduled, Event-driven or Ad-hoc
  • Choose from one or more restrictive access control types
  • Use Tuebora as your role repository or integration with any external role source

Tuebora DAG

Monitor, regulate and manage access to unstructured data.
  • Monitor and manage access to file shares, and cloud-based corporate data stores
  • Detect & Remediate Access Violations on Files/Folders
  • Provision/De-Provision Access to specific Files/Folders Monitor all file share activities

Tuebora SSO

Freeing minds from password memories.
  • Get secure single click access to all applications across all platforms
  • Integrate with thousands of applications
  • Chart account usage with Tuebora Machine Learning and Analytics for behavior views
  • Support for SAML 2.0, OAuth2, Open ID Connect
  • Scales to hundreds of thousands of users

Tuebora ITSM

Agile effortless IT service management.
  • Integrates with multiple ITSM tools such as Service Now, Remedy and others
  • Multi-tenancy for extended business partner supply chains
  • Improve IAM team performance with advanced analytics
  • Exposed REST APIs to integrate with custom service request systems
  • Alerts and notifies on user activities, critical service requests, SLA violations and more

Tuebora Pass

Unsurpassed efficiency and security.
  • Password Reset and Unlock account over multiple channels like SSPR Portal, Inbound SMS, Mobile App, Credential Provider modules
  • Supports Out of box Multi-Factor Authentication schemes for Password Resets
  • Supports alerts, reports, dashboards
  • Cloud or On-premise deployment

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