1 Reduce the pains of managing IAM platform with Machine Learning

  • Increase employee efficiency with self learning automated provisioning

  • Continuously keep unused and excess access in check

  • Enable metrics-driven decision making across all aspects of IAM

2 Holistic IAM platform for hundreds of business and IAM applications

3 Dynamic fast pain-free implementation and integration

Get more value out of your identity management solutions

Overcome fragmented IAM deployments with a holistic IAM platform

See a Typical Organization’s IAM Posture Before and After Tuebora

Organization Access Profiles between Review Cycles with existing solutions

Organization Access Profiles using Tuebora

Discover the secret life of identity

Use human behaviors to properly provision access

Tuebora Uses Machine Learning to
Increase Productivity and Curb Entitlement Inertia

Machine learning platform recommends new provisioning rules

  • Tuebora platform uses organizational and behavioral analytics data to automatically recommend access grants and temporary access grants
  • Access recommendations based on users with similar user-profile (location, job function, grade, department, business unit, title, employee/contractor)
  • Tuebora recommended rules reduce burden of IAM Stakeholders

Machine learning platform uses behavior data to recommend access removal

  • Tuebora access revocation rules derived from certification actions, access usage, risk score, access requests, user activities, provisioning, de-provisioning
  • Support continuous automated removal of unnecessary and unused identities and access grants
  • Enables reduction and potential elimination of periodic Certification/Re-certification Initiatives

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