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UI Developer

Location: Bangalore | 1 Position | Experience: 6-10 Years
Position Overview

The UI Architect and/or a Senior UI Developer will play a critical role in leading the innovation and growth of the Web UI platform for Tuebora’s next generation IAM solutions

  • Design and develop user-friendly, reusable, intuitive, innovative and a feel of next-generation User Interface
  • Translate the UI/UX design wireframes to codes that will produce visual elements of the application
  • Design the UI framework, modular and it’s API interfaces
  • Design the technical architecture of UI portal framework along with pluggable modules
  • Lead and direct UI team of user experience designers and UI software engineers
  • Work closely with product management and usability experts to be able to present a compelling user experience
  • Advocate for user-centric research
  • Ensure to guide process and technology adoption to assure apt QA testing of User Interfaces application
  • Plan and execute usability evaluation along with testing across UI development stages
  • Recommend technology adoption, processes, software and other tools to support the business objectives pertinent to User Interface
The Ideal Candidate
  • Should have 6-10 years of experience in design and delivery of Web UI Applications
  • 3-5 years’ experience in React JS development
  • Should be proficient with React, TypeScript, JavaScript, RESTful services, jQuery and other frameworks like BlueprintJS, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Mixins & Bootstrap
  • Should have good understand of CSS/LSS/SASS in context of webpack builds
  • Should have experience with Javascript testing frameworks like Jest (unit tests), React-testing-library/enzyme for component testing
  • Nice to have experience working with React Hooks
  • Must identify and keep abreast of the evolving and emerging UI technology trends, developments and concepts
  • Must have prior hands-on experience in delivering highly scalable client-side applications
  • Nice to have understanding of elements of building front-end pipelines like Webpack, NPM, Semantic Versioning, Continuous Integration etc
  • Experience with design and development of mobile applications is a plus

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Office Administrator

Location: Bangalore | 1 Position | Experience: 2-3 Years
Position Overview

The Office Admin personnel will be responsible for a smooth functioning of all day-to-day administrative and operational activities.

  • Manage, coordinate and schedule internal/external communication and meetings.
  • Procure and manage office supplies and similar.
  • Organize and maintain Office Records including executing Internal/external Paperwork (Digital/Hard Copy) in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Facilitate and coordinate Recruitment and New-Hire related activities including but not limited to: Interview Scheduling, Onboarding, New Hire Documentation, etc.
  • Handle all communication with Company’s Vendors, Service Providers etc. related to IT, Housekeeping, Operations, HR, etc.
  • Organize and coordinate Company events/ Engagement activities as directed.
The Ideal Candidate
  • Would have 2-3 years’ experience facilitating administrative and operational activities in a small-size IT/Software company.
  • Must have good communications Skills.
  • Should be proficient with MS Office products (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).

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Project Manager

Location: Bangalore | 1 Position | Experience: 5 Years
Position Overview

The Project Manager will have strong background in managing IAM Projects from start to finish. As a successful hire, you will be responsible for creating a plan of action that will take into account fixed timelines and evaluate risks. While this is not a people-manager position, you will be required to work closely with clients across the globe. You will report to the Director - Professional Services.

  • Create project plans, track and manage customer implementation projects and manage risks of project delivery
  • Interact with team members and ensure timely and successful delivery of each sprint iteration
  • Provide technical guidance to delivery team
  • Drive project delivery processes
The Ideal Candidate
  • Created project plans, managed risks and delivery of mid (10,000 user-base) to large (100K+ user-base) IAM deployments
  • Experienced with IAM processes, mapping customer pain-points to vendor solutions
  • Must be very process driven – scrums, metrics, checklists, repeatable methodologies, project post-mortems, etc
  • Delivered artifacts like Design/Test-Plan/Documentation-Plan documents
  • At least 5 years of experience in project management in IAM
  • Must have worked with US and European Clients
  • Desired
    • Preferably has worked in large SIS
    • Preferably has managed IAM cloud deployment projects
    • Preferably has done Cloud (AWS/Azure or other) deployments

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Senior Engineering Manager

Location: Bangalore | 2 Positions | Experience: 8-10 Years
Position Overview

The Senior Engineering Manager will work closely with Tuebora’s management and our customers and partners globally. As a successful hire, you will report to the VP - Engineering. You will be responsible for shaping our product and strategizing its delivery around when and how it will be done so.

  • Lead Product Development, QA and Documentation for multiple Tuebora Products
  • Deliver Engineering Product Releases and Patches
  • Provide work break-down and be responsible for all Engineering Team deliverables
  • Interact with team members and ensure timely and successful delivery of each sprint iteration
  • Provide Technical guidance, coaching and mentoring to Engineering Team
  • Be responsible for tools and processes for all Engineering activities
  • Work with Product Management and help shape Product roadmap
  • Work with Services Organization and set right expectations with regards to Product Roadmap, delivery of enhancements and patches
  • Define and manage quarterly goals for Engineering Team
  • Manage Engineering budget, incentive programs and team building activities
  • Hire and manage Product Development, QA and Documentation Team members
The Ideal Candidate
  • Should have 8-10 years experience with at least 3 years as an Engineering Manager
  • Must have experience with Containerization, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Should have designed and delivered:
    • Open Source based Enterprise Software
    • Software based on Java, Angular JS, ReactJS, Python, no-SQL databases, Elastic, Kubernetes.
    • Solutions in the Cloud (AWS or Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP))
  • Delivered multiple releases of products using Agile Development
  • Played the roles of Scrum Master
  • Delivered Artifacts like Design/Test-Plan/Documentation-Plan documents
  • Posses Team Management skills:
    • Led Product Development Teams involving UI, Middle-Tier and Database developers
    • Led Product Development, QA and Documentation Teams
    • Delivered performance reviews, improvement plans to team members
  • Should have completed a 4-year Engineering degree in Computer Science (preferably) or an advanced degree
  • To have delivered Big-Data solutions and Enterprise Security Software is a big plus
  • Experience of having worked at a startup is an advantage
  • Prior experience in designing and delivering iOS and Android Applications is a plus
  • To have Authored one or more Patents is a key differentiator

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Senior Implementation Engineer

Location: Bangalore | 1 Position | Experience: 3-5 Years
Position Overview

The Senior Implementation Manager role is a customer facing one and as a prospective hire, you will be working with the customers in understanding their IAM requirements, implementing, customizing and deploying Tuebora Solutions for the customer.

  • Deliver Proof-of-concept implementations at Customer Locations
  • Flexible to Travel to Customer locations and work directly with Customers
  • Deploy and configure Tuebora IAM solution as per Customer Requirements
  • Integrate applications both on premise (like HRMS, AD, ERP) and Cloud Applications (like Office365, Google Apps, Salesforce)
  • Customize Tuebora IAM Solution for Customers
The Ideal Candidate
  • Must have 3-5 years' experience as a Developer/Implementation Engineer
  • Must have experience in IAM Domain knowledge with understanding of:
    • Joiner, Mover, Leaver process concepts
    • Access Governance concepts
    • Directory Services
    • Databases Application Integration concepts
  • Must have interacted with Customers and been involved in deployment/customization of 3 tier Enterprise Solutions
  • Must have experience of conceptualizing customer requirements and handling Change Requests
  • Must be very familiar with following technologies:
    • Java
    • Javascript/HTML
    • Apache, Tomcat, JBoss
    • Web Services, Rest APIs
    • 3-tier Architectures
    • Shell Scripting
    • SQL
    • SaaS Application Concepts
    • Security concepts
  • Must have good technical communication (oral and written) skills
  • Knowledge of and prior exposure to Identity Access Management Domain is a significant differentiator

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Senior Technical Writer

Location: Bangalore | 1 Position | Experience: 5 Years
Position Overview

The Senior Technical Writer will be responsible for providing high-quality documentation that contributes to the overall success of our products. As a prospective hire, you will work closely with the engineering and product management teams and ensure delivery of product documentation for all Tuebora products and solutions.

  • Deliver Product Documentation (Online Help, API Documentation, Administrator Guide, User Guide, Integration Guide, Deployment Guide, How-tos, Best Practices, Release Notes) for multiple releases of one or more products
  • Deliver Training Material for on-site training
  • Delivering content in HTML, PDF or any other formats
  • Collaborate and work with Engineering, Support and Services Team
  • Work closely with UI designers and understand screen design and flow
  • Work closely with Product Manager
  • Manage multiple projects concurrently and meet all documentation deliverable deadlines
The Ideal Candidate
  • Must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in writing software documentation
  • Should be familiar and comfortable with Agile Development methodology
  • Working knowledge of MS Office Word, Excel, and Visio
  • Good knowledge of Adobe Technical Communication Suite for software documentation
  • Ability to learn and adapt to new software tools
  • High Attention to Detail
  • Prior experience working with user-groups and understanding their documentation needs is desired
  • Prior experience in providing content for How-to videos is a huge-plus

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Support Manager

Location: Bangalore | 1 Position | Experience: 8+ Years
Position Overview

The Support Manager will lead, manage and direct the team to support all aspects of Tuebora products and its implementation. As a successful hire, you should also be able to provide guidance and coaching to the team while also taking operational responsibility for the team’s day-to-day activities and management.

  • Provide management metric reports on a weekly, monthly and ad-hoc basis as required
  • Analyze all root causes of product/implementation issues and ensure optimal level of customer satisfaction
  • Perform trending & root cause analysis of issues (management information)
  • Monitor and resolve all technical issues
  • Deep dive into complex technical issues and effectively communicate resolutions in both verbal and written form to your teams
  • Manage work and inputs from a variety of stakeholders
The Ideal Candidate
  • Should possess a 4-year degree and/or an advanced management degree
  • Must possess a minimum 8+ years of experience in support functions and management
  • Should have good knowledge of Information Technology Infrastructure (platform, middleware, network and applications)
  • Should have good knowledge of IDM toolsets, Knowledge of the ITIL framework, vocabulary and best practices
  • Must possess good understanding of IT Security framework
  • Proficient with SQL, Scripting, REST/JSON, Excel, PowerPoint and Word
  • Must have worked with US and European Clients and possess the ability to work and adapt to an increasingly global operating model
  • Must be very process driven – metrics, checklists, repeatable methodologies
  • Strong references from clients will be a huge plus
  • Prior working experience with Cloud (AWS/Azure) deployment is preferred

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Marketing Manager

Location: Bangalore | 1 Position | Experience: 8-10 Years
Position Overview

We are looking to add to our team a Marketing Manager who will be in charge of overseeing the promotion of our company's social presence and branding. As a successful hire, you will be responsible for strategizing and managing our company's marketing and recruitment campaigns while supporting the lead generation efforts for business opportunities.

  • Build and promote company branding and positioning
  • Evaluate and develop marketing strategies to support recruitment operations and aid in the company’s business presence and sales by being able to generate leads
  • Drive and facilitate product webinar for the company
  • Develop and publish content related to the company’s businesses, products, culture and likewise on social media and company website in the form of blogs, newsletters, etc
  • Be involved with the local IT community as well as engage with CISO or equivalent folks in this geography
  • Organize and represent Tuebora in the above such events/engagements
The Ideal Candidate
  • Should have around 8-10 years’ experience
  • Be familiar with various marketing tools and techniques
  • Should be able to lead and manage a team of marketing professionals
  • Must have prior work experience with Product companies
  • Experience with SAAS and/or Security focused companies is a huge plus
  • Prior experience working on and putting together marketing collateral would be great

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Senior QA Engineer

Location: Bangalore | 1 Position | Experience: 5-8 Years
Position Overview

A Senior QA Engineer at Tuebora will be one with strong expertise in automation testing and exposure to highly scalable web based enterprise solution.

  • Contribute to the automation framework of the product
  • Analyse various systems and write product scenarios that help in end to end testing and certification
  • Monitor all stages of development to identify and resolve errors and malfunctions
  • Develop and execute exploratory and automated tests to ensure product quality
The Ideal Candidate
  • Should have around 5-8 years of experience in Testing
  • Is a graduate in engineering
  • Must be proficient in UI Testing, API Testing and Performance Testing
  • Should have experience with Jenkins, maven, TestNG, Git, etc
  • Must have hands-on experience using Selenium, JMeter
  • Should have prior working experience on either Jasmine/Karma/Mocha/Unit/QUnit
  • Experience in testing micro-services using Kubernetes/Docker clustered environments is strongly preferred
  • Prior experience with any Behaviour driven testing (BDT) tool like Cucumber is a plus

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Senior Java Developer

Location: Bangalore | 2 Positions | Experience: 7-10 Years
Position Overview

The Senior Java Developer will be pivotal in building high-performing, large scale distributed software systems and applications. As a successful hire, you will be responsible for server side programming while also providing expertise in the full software development lifecycle, from concept and design to testing.

  • Develop microservices in Cloud based applications (ex AWS) and CI/CD model (jenkins, maven, Junit etc)
  • Server side programming with Java
  • Understand and develop complex architecture and system design for highly scalable applications
  • Work with databases, messaging, algorithm performance, caching technologies, etc
  • Build API based frameworks
The Ideal Candidate
  • Should possess a bachelor's degree in CS or equivalent
  • Should have 7-10 years’ experience in Java development
  • Must possess strong analytical skills
  • Hands-on experience working with large-scale distributed software systems is highly desired
  • Prior experience in developing microservices in Cloud based applications (ex AWS) would be highly advantageous
  • Exposure to open source technologies would be a huge plus

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Senior Cloud Development Engineer

Location: Bangalore | 1 Position | Experience: 8-10 Years
Position Overview

The Cloud Development Engineer will ensure that the deployment architecture, processes and technologies are in place to be able to provide a fully managed IAM service to Tuebora’s Customers worldwide.

  • Build, deploy, manage and monitor applications in Cloud Platforms like AWS/Azure/GCP
  • Develop scripts using AWS Service APIs, AWS CLI, AWS SDKs
  • Deploy highly scalable and highly available solutions in the Cloud
The Ideal Candidate
  • Should have 8-10 years experience in building, deploying, managing and monitoring applications in Cloud Platforms
  • Must have experience with Containerization, Docker, Kubernetes (especially Amazon EKS)
  • Must have experience in Python, JSON, XML, RESTful and SOAP APIs
  • Must be very familiar with some combination of Route 53, CloudFront, Virtual Private Cloud, S3, RDS, Terraform
  • Should be comfortable working in Linux (RHEL, SUSE, Centos) environments
  • Must be very familiar with IAAS, PAAS and SAAS delivery models
  • Experience in Java or C# is a big plus

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Technical Support Engineer

Location: Bangalore | 1 Position | Experience: 3-4 Years
Position Overview

We are looking to add to our team a talented and driven Technical Support Engineer who will be primarily responsible for helping customers in resolving their technical queries related to product use and set up. As a successful hire, you will also be in charge of working on and creating documentation for common technical issues and adding that to the existing knowledge base.

  • Proactively provide design and deployment services in a manner that will result in outstanding customer satisfaction
  • Provide high quality service and leadership to align with customer goals and requests in a prompt manner
  • Mentor and train customers on Tuebora Products
  • Interact and collaborate with other internal teams such as engineering and support as required to facilitate addressing any escalated issues
  • Contribute to and use knowledge base repository of deployment best practices
The Ideal Candidate
  • Should have an experience of around 3-4 years’ of providing technical support for a software product
  • Must have provided IAM solution support for at least 5 years
  • Comfortable with Unix and Windows Server operating systems
  • Must be proficient with Javascript and HTML
  • Must have knowledge of Active Directory Group Policy creation and maintenance
  • Must have knowledge of AD, LDAP, IAM, SSO, SAML
  • Should be familiar with enterprise level active directory deployments and configurations
  • Must be very familiar with not just IAM solution but technology stack as well, including:
    • Deployment of solutions in multi-tier environments
    • Deployment in Cloud environments like AWS, Azure, GCP and other
    • Understands concepts like Clustering, HA and Fail-over
  • Must be familiar with one or more monitoring tools – monitoring system resources and activities
  • Should have provided support to US and European clients
  • Must be very familiar and have dealt in the past with the challenges and requirements around hosting and managed services/support
  • Having authored or possessing the ability to author Knowledge Base articles is a huge plus
  • Working experience with SaaS is a plus

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IAM Architect

Location: Bangalore | 1 Position | Experience: 8-12 Years
Position Overview

An Identity and Access Management (IAM) Architect will be responsible for architecting, designing and implementing a variety of IAM solutions. As a successful hire, you will work closely with other practice teams in delivering best in class engagements for our clients.

  • Drive IAM patterns for implementation and arrive at various common patterns for IAM use cases
  • Build reusable repository of ready-made use cases along with necessary documentation that implementation engineers can use across projects
  • Drive Customer Proof of concept implementations and ensure successful delivery of use cases
  • Guide the team on solution design, deployment and implementation
  • Prepare requirement specification and design documentations
  • Involved in making impactful Product demonstrations, represent Tuebora in webinars, technical forums and events
  • Publish articles, whitepapers, blogs on IAM
The Ideal Candidate
  • Should have 8-12 years' experience as a IAM Architect/Consultant
  • Must possess prior experience of having Architected, Designed and Conceptualized IAM Solution for multiple Customers
  • Should have designed and implemented at least 2 IAM Solutions for large enterprises
  • Should have managed Customer engagements across various GEOs
  • Must have experience in IAM Domain knowledge with a clear understanding of:
    • IAM Strategy and Roadmap Definition
    • IAM Solution Architecture
    • Joiner, Mover, Leaver process concepts
    • Access Governance concepts, SSO Concepts
    • Directory Services
    • Application Integration concepts for on premise and Cloud Applications
    • Access Modelling of applications
  • Must be familiar with following technologies:
    • Web Technologies, 3-tier Architectures.
    • Web Services, Rest APIs.
    • SaaS Application Concepts.
    • Security, Compliance and Regulations concepts.
  • Should possess excellent communication (oral and written, presentation) and interpersonal skills

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