The Tuebora Story

Our story begins with two co-founders who were employees #3 and #4 at Aveksa, a pioneer in the IAM space (and recently acquired by RSA for $230 million). Sanjay Nadimpalli was the Director of Engineering and Prasad Bhamidipati was the Product Architect, and they soon joined forces with Ashish Jhunjhunwala, a developer, to build an innovative IAM platform.

While at Aveksa, we saw customers of all sizes and across many industries become frustrated with legacy IAM tools with limited automation functionality and no ability to diagnose broken processes or optimize access management.

We founded Tuebora knowing that automating the granting of access was only the first step toward the real solution to IAM frustrations. Our vision was to apply machine learning and a self-driven approach to IAM. By staying focused on our vision, and building a team of exceptional technologists, we have built a cloud-native IAM platform that delivers scalability, efficiency, productivity and risk reduction for our customers.

About Us