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The co-founders of Tuebora in their past lives were key employees at Aveksa, a pioneer in the IAM space (recently acquired by RSA). Sanjay Nadimpalli was the Director of Engineering; Prasad Bhamidipati was the Product Architect and Ashish Jhunjhunwala was the primary developer of the Access Certification module at Aveksa. They not only shaped and built a pioneering IAM platform, but also got to work directly with many customers of all sizes and in all verticals.

What we know is this: we’re at the beginning of a big IAM change.

Our experiences with current customers with IAM products tell us that employees, HR, the IT Help Deck and CIOs are all frustrated with products that don’t help them fix practices and processes. They know these tools aren’t as efficient as they could be. Security teams know that identity is the new perimeter and identity theft and misuse are a major attack vector.

We started Tuebora knowing that automating the granting of access was only the first step toward the real solution to IAM frustrations. Through the application of machine learning, there is much more that can be done to help organizations use IAM to gain competitive advantage through efficiency, productivity and risk reduction.

Tuebora is Latin for “I will defend" and also the motto on the coat of arms of Michigan. “Hey Michiganders!”

We want a solution that lets you work smarter. So, do you. Its Tuebora.

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