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Get Tuebora’s IAM Platform and Select the Services You Need—Not What You Don’t


Micro-Services by Design

Many monolithic products provide unneeded features that increase implementation time and complexity

Tuebora Machine Learning and Analytics Platform

Discover new efficiencies and business risk
  • Discovers and disables unused access accounts using behavioral analysis
  • Provisioning behaviors continuously analyzed -- provisioning rule updates created
  • Create metrics based IAM decision support
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Tuebora Governance

Monitor, regulate and manage user access to applications.
  • Supports governance for all applications
  • Creates access audits, certifications and access requests
  • Choose from one or more restrictive access control types

Tuebora DAG

Monitor, regulate and manage access to unstructured data.
  • Monitor and manage access to file shares, and cloud-based corporate data stores
  • Detect & Remediate Access Violations on Files/Folders
  • Provision/De-Provision Access to specific Files/Folders Monitor all file share activities

Tuebora SSO

Make password resets a distant memory
  • Get secure single click access to all applications across all platforms
  • Integrate with thousands of applications
  • Support for SAML 2.0, OAuth2, Open ID Connect

Tuebora ITSM

Agile effortless IT service management.
  • Integrates with multiple ITSM tools such as Service Now, Remedy and others
  • Multi-tenancy for extended business partner supply chains
  • Exposed REST APIs to integrate with custom service request systems

Tuebora Pass

Unsurpassed efficiency and security.
  • Password Reset and Unlock account over SSPR Portal, Inbound SMS, Mobile App, and Credential Provider modules
  • Supports Multi-Factor Authentication schemes for Password Resets
  • Supports alerts, reports, dashboards

Tuebora Identity Discovery Assessment Tool

Get an instant 5-metric assessment of your organization’s IAM posture
  • Measure the quality of your IAM data – find discrepancies and errors
  • Uncover provisioning ‘one-offs’ that slow employee access
  • Know which access approvers ‘rubber-stamp’ access to critical applications
  • Expose unused accounts that should be closed
  • Detect overprovisioned and unused/unneeded access

Tuebora SCIM Connector Design Tool

Teach your IAM architecture to speak the same language
  • Reduce implementation and on-going costs
  • Simple GUI means anyone can build a connector – no SME required
  • No proprietary language/protocol to learn
  • Supports any already deployed IAM tool
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