Ensure the right access is granted at the right time – both human and non-human access – with AI-backed prescriptive policies and workflows.

  • SCIM connectors for quick integration with most cloud and on-prem apps
  • Dynamic access adjustments to improve efficiencies
  • Real-time reconciliation and reporting with external systems
  • Prescriptive policy recommendations
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Manage Risk and Optimize Governance

Anomalous access detection and dynamic policy recommendations take the guesswork out of access grants and certifications.

Speed approvals and decisions with Tuebora’s dynamic machine learning models. Reduce manual processes and repetitive end-user requests for access

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Mitigate anomalies and outliers quickly. Monitor all access-related activities and performance and flag out-of-range requests in real time.

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Manage ongoing risk with continuous assessment protocols. Enable targeted and focused access management that evolves with changing business environment and threats.

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Optimize Access Management with Adaptive Automation

Evolve IAM processes seamlessly and without impacting performance or adding IT workload.

Use proven, out-of-the-box process models to accommodate both on-prem and cloud applications while reducing bottlenecks and delays.

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Generate policies dynamically based on key access patterns which accommodate both human and non-human access requests.

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Switch to autonomous provisioning to smooth out access request processing and minimize need for IT intervention.

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